Omar Tikrity

Marketing Plan

This is a very simple yet extremely powerful marketing plan. By using this tool you will: To Summarise, “Fastest way to make money!” Growing your business fast & reaping the reward From zero to creating and implementing a sophisticated marketing plan “To live through an impossible situation, you don’t need to have the reflexes of …

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Business Systems

If you’re business isn’t systemised, then your business will probably like consistency, organisation and the ability to scale out. Business systems are all your tasks documented and can include checklists, videos and training. So that anyone can come in an be trained to use your system. Systemising your business has four major benefits: Your business …

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Marketing KPIs

How Do I Know My Marketing & Business is Working? Every entrepreneur should be able to speak the ‘language of money’! The first step to understanding your business numbers is keeping track of data. We’ve listed below what you should keep track off. If you have a system, to record this. It can help you …

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Google Ads

Drive Traffic Through Google Ads We’ve all heard of SEO. But SEO can take months to get your website to the first page of Google. And there are no guarantees that it will. So what’s the quickest way to get to the first page? Google Ads! Why Google Ads? Google ads drive millions of traffic …

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Lead Magnet

92% of customers that visit retail websites aren’t ready to buy (source). Which means that for every 10 people visiting your website, 9 are just browsing. And maybe 1 will buy, if they don’t buy from your competitors. So, it’s crucial that you make them remember you when they’re ready to buy. How do you …

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Marketing Funnel

Table of Contents What is A Marketing Funnel If you want your business’ sales process to run as efficiently as possible, you absolutely must get your marketing funnel – the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer – right. If you want your business to produce consistent sales as well as …

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