Marketing Plan

This is a very simple yet extremely powerful marketing plan. By using this tool you will: To Summarise, “Fastest way to make money!” Growing your business fast & reaping the reward From zero to creating and implementing a sophisticated marketing plan “To live through an impossible situation, you don’t need to have the reflexes of …

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Business Systems

If you’re business isn’t systemised, then your business will probably like consistency, organisation and the ability to scale out. Business systems are all your tasks documented and can include checklists, videos and training. So that anyone can come in an be trained to use your system. Systemising your business has four major benefits: Your business …

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Setup Email Responder

In this guide, we’ll set up your email autoresponder as well as show you a great email tool for your marketing such as newsletters and welcome emails. Setup Free MailPoet Account You will need to set up your free MailPoet account by clicking here. It will take up to a day for it to be …

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Email Sequence Templates

Below is an email sequence from Frank Kern, marketing guru. You can copy and paste these in your email autoresponder. After you create your emails, go to Setup Your Email Autoresponder and connect it to your form. Everything in [ ] and * * needs to be edited with your details Writing in Blue need to be …

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