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Before you start trading, you need to have a contact number for potential customers to reach you on.

It’s strongly recommended that you have a separate contact number and don’t mix it with your personal number. Every time you answer a call, you want to answer it with a greeting such as, ‘Good morning, UK Car Market’

But you can use your personal contact numbers, to begin with, if you prefer.

You can either have a;

  • Mobile number
  • Landline number (This can be a virtual number, as explained below)
  • Both (Recommended)

Pay As You Go Landline

A landline number makes your business look more professional. Again, you can use your personal number or opt for a separate number dedicated to your business. A landline number can be costly and ties you into a 12-month contract. However, there is a better solution…

A virtual landline number

You can pay as little as £5 p/m and you will get your own landline number on a 30-day rolling contract.

How it works:

  • You are given a landline number that you can choose during signup.
    You can choose:
    • Geographical i.e. 0161
    • 0800 number
    • 0333 numbers
  • On activation, you choose where you want to receive the calls.
  • So if you choose your mobile number, when someone calls the landline, it will be diverted to your mobile number.
  • With virtual numbers, you can’t call out from the number, you can only receive calls. So if you miss a call, you just call back from your work mobile.

We strongly recommend Tamar Telecommunications to setup your virtual land line.

Having both, virtual landline & mobile number is the best option as it gives you a professional look when people visit your ads or website. You can have both for £10 p/m, which is brilliant value and goes a long way to making your business look professional.


Mobile Number

Having a mobile number is highly recommended as customers sometimes prefer to text or WhatsApp you. And is an easier channel to communicate with customers in general, such as texting the address, sending more info about your product delivery, making appointments and so on.

  • You can either use an old smartphone or buy a new one from Argos, Tesco or local phone shops.
  • Giffgaff provides the best value tariffs and starts from £5 per month.
  • Click here to order your FREE sim card. Or pick up from a local store.
  • If you use Giffgaff, make sure you buy a phone that is unlocked to all networks.
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