If you’re business isn’t systemised, then your business will probably like consistency, organisation and the ability to scale out.

Business systems are all your tasks documented and can include checklists, videos and training. So that anyone can come in an be trained to use your system.

Systemising your business has four major benefits:

  1. Your business becomes an asset that will be sellable or franchiseable
  2. The ability to scale your business out
  3. Helps you produce consistent products/service at a high level every time
  4. Reduces labour costs and human error

What Systems Do You Need?

A typical business needs four main systems:

  • Marketing system – to consistently generate leads daily
  • Sales system – to lead nurturing, follow-up & close deals efficiently 
  • Fulfilment – to produce high quality product/service every time 
  • Administration system – keep you finance, accounts, reception HR in order

Money Making Machine

If you successfully systemise your business. You will be able to consisntly acquire new customers and deliver to them without getting overwhlemed or lost. 

You business in essence will run like a factory. It will literally be your money making machine.

Your Turn

Download the Business Systems Workbook and go through the questions. You will build the system for each department. And then create job roles that will be ready to use when you start to hire people.

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