How To Get On The First Page of Google In 7 Steps

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Your customers are most likely on the first page of Google. Searching for products/services similar to yours. But the question is: are you on the first page of Google?

Getting on the first page of Google can take months or even years. And hundreds of pounds per month. But there’s an easier way. And that’s adding your business to ‘My Business’ so it shows up on Google.

In this post, we’ll explain@

  • why your small business needs to be on My Places
  • And how to optimise your listings in 20 minutes so you appear on search results

And you can also download a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything out. As long as you can use Google. Setting up My Places will be a stroll in the park. That could have a big impact on your business.

What is Google My Business? 

Google My Business is like a business directory that is owned by Google. It’s a free service which you can use. For some reason, not many people use it. I think it’s because they don’t understand how effective it is. And many that do. Don’t optimise it properly (I’ll show you how below).

When your business is on My Business. And people search for products similar to yours. And they add a location i.e. Manchester. You will have a high probability that your business will appear on the maps listings that appear above the main search listings as in the example below.

As long as your business is relevant to the search term. And you’ve optimised it properly. Your business should appear on the list. And as mentioned above. It’s absolutely free. So let’s get into how to list your business.

How To Create ‘Google My Business’

Instead of recreating how to get your business on google. Google have their own video which you can watch below. 

Optimise Your Listing

After you’ve set up the account. Use the checklist below to optimise your account. 

I would recommend that you go through the listing every 3 months. And make sure it’s up to date.

You can download the full checklist using the link below. Print it out and tick it off as you go along. The checklist is grouped into 7 sections.

  1. Business Information
  2. Posts
  3. Website 
  4. Messaging 
  5. Photos
  6. Videos
  7. Users

Each section has sub-elements that should be done. After you’ve completed the checklist. Your listing will appear on Google.


Google is one of the first places that people go to when searching for products. In fact, some studies show around 92% search on Google first. 

So if your potential customers are on Google. So should your business. But getting to the first page of Google is like the holy grail for small businesses. There are three ways to get to the top of google:

  1. Paid Ads – this can range from £20 up to £1000s. If you’re doing ads, you need a good landing page and funnel.
  2. SEO – this is when you rank organically and for free. I say free, but it requires a lot of time. You need to write a lot of content and link them to other websites. Answering questions that your potential customers are asking on google. In relation to your business or industry. Many businesses outsource this. Beware: this can take months and even years to get to the first page.
  3. Google My Business – This is a free and quick way. The downside is that your listing should either have the name of the business on the title or the location. For example, if someone searches ‘web design’. And they’re in Manchester. It will only show web designers in Manchester. But with it being free and showing quick results. It will absolutely drive traffic and leads to your website.
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