Websites for Influencers, Artists and Content Creators

Your Website Should Be The Centre of All Your Platforms. So You Have Full Control of Your Future.

01. Build relationships

Connect With Your Audience On A Deeper Level

Allow your audience to experience your message, build trust and connect directly from your smart page

  1. Create a sense of trust with your Clients.
  2. Helps clients remember you.
  3. Helps you stand out amongst others in your industry.
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Showcase with powder and shadows, cosmetics store
02. Turn Your Social Audience Into Paying Clients

Showcase your expertise

Capture contact information and drive valuable actions right from your page.

  1. Showcase your work
  2. Drive valuable actions
  3. Collect leads

Websites Your Fans Will Love

Boosting Your Status in Your Industry 


Deliver your message

Keep your visitors informed and Updates. Promote your services, events and products. Send emails to them straight from your website. 


Build Trust

Increase the trust with your followers. By having a personal website. That’s the central pillar of your community.


Drive valuable actions

There’s a limit to what your followers can do on social media. With a website, you can get them to buy, signup, join a community, take a course and much more. 

Why Kaybox Social Media Management

Link Tree

You don’t need to pay extra to have a your very own link tree. This will be part of your website. And yours tto keep forever. And there are no limits to how many links you can have. 

Video Presentation

Allow visitors to experience your message with little effort beyond an initial click. Build trust and convey ideas that images and text cannot.

Social Icons

Build trust, show authenticity, and let your visitors follow you on the platform they’re most comfortable with.


Tools You'll Love

Web Links

Link to your latest video, article, recipe, tour, store, website, social post – everywhere you are online.

Questions & Answers

Handle questions/objections. Objections like price, product fit, competitors, and more…


Brand Awareness

As a business owner, you want your brand to be one of the best in the country. To be recognised. And the brand people think about when they need your service. We’ll help increase your brand exposure. And your brand reputation. 


And More Tools

Membership Sits & Courses

If you want to build a community. You’ll need a membership site. Where people can sign in and access their own area. As well as having your own course platform.


Have something to share with the world? Write blogs and get your customers to be your biggest fans. Become an authority in your industry. And rank higher in Google.

Lead form

Collect valuable information from your clients – allowing you to nurture them further down your marketing funnel.

For all Influencers, Artists, Content Creators

Is it for you?

  • You want to be distinct and become a leading name in your industry
  • You want to build a strong personal brand that communicates trust
  • You want to have a strong online presence
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Everythign You Need

Other Tools

  1. WhatsApp Chat
  2. Online Course Platform – For your own courses
  3. Share Your Page Everywhere
  4. Shopping Cart
Is There A Difference?

What's the Difference Between An Influencer Website and Normal Website?

The main difference between the two will be the homepage. Influencer websites homepage will be more mobile focused. And designed for your followers who are clicking from social media. 

A normal website is more focused on having a brochure feel. For people  who click on to it to browse and find out more about the company.

Where a normal website is business focussed. Influencer website is focussed on you mainly. Reflecting your personal brand that’s got you so many followers. 

Marketing & Social Media for Your Business

It’s time for your business to have a proper marketing department. Maintained daily for a flat monthly fee.

Instagram Management



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Limited Time Pricing



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