Recommend time: 2-3 hours per day

Why Instagram?

Technology has advanced, and long gone are the emails/post letter days! Instagram currently has a highly effective open rate of direct messages – at 88.6%! It’s no surprise that majority of the population are on the social media app. Customers AND businesses. It’s easy to find collaborations with other people, bloggers can easily find the ideal restaurants to review, you can literally scout anything on there. That’s also including your potential clients.

I can tell you right now – your ideal clients are busy following motivational and inspirational accounts on Instagram. They are saving posts that will help them through life’s many obstacles. How-to guides on how to be a happy person, to be productive, to ‘find’ yourself, and many more. Your job is to fill that empty void and offer them a discovering session. Completely organic, completely genuine.

Let’s start!

Step 1 - Finding the right people to message

Step 1.1 – Identify your competitors

Before you can start lead generating through DM, you need to first find the right people to message. Follow the steps below to achieve this.

  1. Note down a list of your ideal clients who use social media:
    1. Age
    2. Gender
    3. Interests


  1. 20 – 40-year olds
  2. Females
  3. Mindfulness, marriage advice, inspirational quotes
  1. Not down a list of your ideal competitors who use social media:
    1. Coaching businesses
    2. Services they provide

Tip: A great way to find competitors local to you is to google “life coaching near me”

  1. Find your ideal competitors on Instagram and look at their accounts
    1. Notice the theme
    2. Notice their language/tone
    3. Notice how they sell their services

Step 1.2 – Follow the followers

Once you have identified your competitors, the next process is to follow the followers of your competition on Instagram. 

There are two ways to do this:

Method A

  1. Find your competitors on Instagram
  2. Go on their followers list on the Instagram account
  3. Scroll through and aim to follow 10-20 accounts per hour

Note: Be selective when you follow people- look for ideal customer profiles. Also, try not to do it too fast as Instagram will pick up on the behaviour and think you’re a robot!

Method B

  1. Go on the big competitors Instagram account
    E.g. Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, The Holistic Psychologist, etc.
  2. Look for genuine lovers of the same services you sell in their comments
  3. Follow them!

Note: if you seem to struggle to find your competitors, here’s a trick you can use!

Go on Google, search ‘top life coaches to follow on Instagram’ and viola! You will be presented with an influx of articles with a lot of life coach accounts on them.

Checklist to follow accounts:

  • Is the account public or private? (If private, don’t request follow. If public, they are more open to receiving messages)
  • Do they fit your ideal customer profile?
  • When was the last time they posted- are they active users?

Note: If doesn’t meet criteria, then skip and keep hunting. This process normally takes a couple of minutes.

Remember: It’s not about quantity but quality. 

Step 2 - Reaching out to them

Send a Direct Message

The aim is to touch base with potential clients. You want to:

  • Send your potential client a DM for the sole purpose of raising interest to them about your services
  • You will approx. send 2 – 3 Direct messages per potential client to see if they are interested

First DM 

The aim is to introduce yourself and the service you’re selling.

So, the first DM is sent to introduce yourself and the service you sell. You want to have minimal conversation via DM and once they respond with interest, your aim is to get their number/email so you can schedule a call.  


Send A Direct Message (1st Attempt)

Example: Sarah is a life coach. She offers coaching in the 7 different areas such as relationships, finance, time keeping, being happy, finding purpose etc. She wants to reach out and attract clients to do the purpose programme. She aims to get at least 5 people signed up this month.

Below are the templates she would send.

General Message:

Hi (name) (emoji) I love your feed! It’s really pretty. (introduce with compliment) Have you ever felt burnt out and feel like you’re wasting your potential in life? I’m excited to offer some help. Please feel free to check out my website for more details. Sarah x

Personal Message:

Hello (name) (emoji)
I absolutely love your photos. Especially the ones where you’re travelling! (comment on something you see on their profile)
Do you ever feel like you’re excited about life but something small comes your way and it knocks you down? Or you find that not many people understand you? Whether it’s your time management, loss of identity, or trouble managing a conflicting relationship – I can help!! Let’s have a chat? I’m currently taking free consultations and would love to offer any help to you.
Sarah x


I thought I’d drop a quick message to see if you were interested in gaining insight on how to find your purpose in life? (ask a Q) 
The first session is completely free, it can be face-to-face, over the phone or on skype! I’ve just ventured out and I’ve had my website designed. I’m so excited to work with clients like you. Let me know if you’re interested? S x


Hi (name)!
I really love your feed. It’s so aesthetically-pleasing to the eye! Sometimes in life, we all need a direction to work towards, a goal to accomplish, and someone to believe in you. That’s what I’m here for… (emoji)
I’m quite selective with my clients, but something about your page really stood out. I’d love to have a chat with you to see if we can work together. What do you think? You can check out my website on (URL) or drop me a DM. Sarah x

Once this is sent, wait a day for a response. In the meantime, do the same process for as many people as you can come across. You’re building the sales pipeline. You want to comment and like their recent pictures to show genuine interest.

 Three Types of Responses:


  1. Reply to a negative response received:

“No problem, (name)! If you ever do change your mind, please do reach out to me! Or, if you’re unsure because of the price, I will be offering the first session for free?”

2. Reply to a positive response received:

“Brilliant! I’m glad you are up for a chat. Shall we arrange for the first chat this week?”

3. No response received:

(2nd Attempt) Template:

“Hi (name), would you still be interested in a free discovery session? I’ve got a few slots left to fill and it would be great to have a chat with you to see how I can help. It’s ideal for those who feel:
– a real struggle to find purpose in life
– not happy in what they’re doing currently
– desperate to get advice from a neutral perspective
– and so much more.
I’m offering a free session for only this month. Let me know if this interests you?”

Three Types of Responses:

  1. Reply to a negative response: Same as previous negative response
  2. Reply to a positive response: Same as previous positive response
  3. No response: like their pictures on their feed, with a lovely comment and send DM:

“Hi (name).. I understand you must be busy. But if you ever feel like you need advice or some help in your life – please don’t hesitate to contact me”

Summary Steps

  1. Find the right people
    1. Identify competitors
    2. Follow their followers
  2. Reach out to their followers by sending first DM
  3. Respond in one of three scenarios:
    1. Negative response 
    2. Positive Response
    3. No Response
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