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Ah, hashtags. What comes to your mind when you come across this word? It’s a very powerful tool, especially to get yourself more exposure on the explore page, and also when people specifically want to follow certain hashtags.

Instagram is always changing their rules. For now, they advise a maximum of 30 hashtags to be used when posting a picture. Some post the hashtags right under the comment in the caption. Some post the hashtags separately after they have posted the caption as a new comment. Both work well.

Finding the right hashtags to use

As well as the basic hashtags, such as #love #happiness #lifecoach #allowingabundance, you want to make sure you use them as effectively as you can.

Using hashtags like the ones mentioned before have its pros and cons. If you were to only use them, the chances of its impact won’t be high. Mainly because there are millions and millions of people using the same hashtags at the same time, which means you won’t get much reach.

So how can we tackle this?

Put yourself in your own shoes. Think about yourself having a bad day. You open the Instagram app and now you’re looking for inspiration. So you go on the search tab and type Motivational Mondays. And you suddenly find posts with motivational quotes specifically for a Monday.

How do I find the right ones?

It can be tricky to find effective hashtags simply because you need a community on Instagram to help with that. Here are a few ways to combat this:

Tip 1:
  • Go on your competitors’ profile
  • Click on their post
  • Notice the hashtags they use and make a note on your notes app for future reference
Tip 2:
  • Go on Instagram
  • Tap the search bar and type in a hashtag related to what you will be sharing
  • For example: if you are posting about time management, type #timemanagement
  • You’ll be taken to a page full of posts tagged with #timemanagement
  • Now, the key is to look at the bar under the follow button where it says, “related:”
  • You can swipe left and notice that Instagram reveals more hashtags that are related to time management
  • Such as:
  • #productivityhabits #goalsetting #goodhabits
  • You can select a hashtag and it will reveal more related to it
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