Instagram Layouts

Choosing the right layout and theme for your coaching business

There are always new trends that are implemented on social media every other month, and this is something that can be easily seen with Instagram. Because of this growing platform, it’s important to stay ahead with the trends to fully showcase your coaching business.


If you want your clients to take you seriously, you have to invest time in your brand. Your Instagram profile is like a window shop for your potential clients and those who accidentally stumble across your account. Appearance is everything on Instagram, which is why you can have a look at some template examples below – taken from Preview App.

This link will give you some ideas of what design you’d like on your Instagram account.

Imaging Editing Quality

When you look at photographers, the most effective part of their work is not the picture they took but the quality of it. They spend hours mainly editing to create the desired mood that they want their audience to feel. This should be similar to your photos – especially the personal photos you take.

People look at your profile and expect to feel a certain emotion, you want to make sure you justify the colours and set the desired mood for your followers so they know they’re looking at a professional company. This is more of a subliminal approach, as it isn’t direct, but it works. You can use apps such as VSCO CAM to filter your pictures.

When planning your Instagram, this is the steps to follow:

  1. Choose a theme – refer to Preview App
  2. Write a compelling bio – use this link to create a caption with line breaks and paste in bio
  3. Use Canva to design posts – DIY – refer to a Canva guide link
  4. Download preview app for free and upload posts and design the layout
  5. Plan your captions and save them on the notes app

As you can notice, your Instagram profile should have an agenda so it can grow and spread nationally. You want to post content that:

  • Inspires people to purchase your services by publishing high-quality photos of your work
  • Educates people to become successful like you, or advise with motivational quotes, or give tips on life coaching, so they can read and like/comment and agree.
  • Build a community of women (or your ideal clients) can actively engage on your Instagram. This will open up doors for you in terms of partnerships with other companies that want to promote their businesses to your followers.

This is just an example of what you can do to stand out from the crowd, and be ahead of your upcoming competitors and other coaching companies. You want to have a system in place when you post content that will attract followers, and ultimately, maintain your profit stream so you are always getting the flow of clients through various avenues.


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