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Different Post Types

The world is your oyster. There is no right or wrong type of postings. And the good thing is- things seem to evolve very quickly in the online world. What was a trend yesterday, soon changes tomorrow. So have a play around and see which post types resonate with you and your brand the most.

Personal photos:

To put simply, these are pictures taken from your phone.

Which means:

  • Human approach
  • Real and raw
  • Sharing and capturing your world
  • Building a personal connection to your potential clients

Personal photos can be pictures of:

  • Yourself as a coach (Selfie time!)
  • Your work desk
  • Cup of tea
  • Diary
  • Window view
  • Office
  • Commute view
  • A gift from a client
  • Your children/family

Although some coaches do post their personal life such as pictures of their family, that is entirely up to you. To be professional and run your account like a business, I would recommend refraining from posting too many personal family pictures. Sometimes, less is more.

Tip: Always ask yourself, why do I want to post this? If I want to share a picture of my children – is it to inspire people? Or to show off? Or is it to show them proof that I am a mother i.e. understand motherhood issues which your clients could be facing daily


These are brilliant. Whoever invented memes is a genius. There is so much you can do to entertain your audience by using memes. You can either repost from someone else (of course with the intention of crediting them) or you can create your own!


When it comes to branding your business, the DIY has to be at the very top! I like to use Canva to design Instagram posts. This can reveal tips, infographics, stats, and pretty much anything you wish! (refer to the Instagram layout guide to get more tips on this!)

Designing your Instagram post is great if you would like to brand yourself and keep it consistent on your page.

For example:

  • Quotes
  • Tips
  • Motivational messages

Stock photos:

Now this one is a bit of a hit and miss. I would only advise using stock photos if you are going to edit them (on Canva) and make it your own. If you post a stock photo, it might look too fake or clichéd. Think about it- how many other businesses have used them?


This can be any sort. Whether it’s a recorded video or a boomerang – everyone loves a bit of entertainment. Here are the most popular ways that coaches can use videos:

  • Mini motivational speeches – IGTV
  • Q & A – ask your followers a question and speak to the camera, let them comment answers
  • Boomerangs – this can be things like your commute, car traffic, stirring a cup of tea, practically anything! The more creative, the better.


Ah! This is also our favourite alongside DIY. Reposting a photo from someone else’s Instagram can be highly effective if you’re strategic about it. Let’s look at an example to gain clarity.

Sarah, the life coach, knows that most of her young female ideal clients like to plan and keep diaries. Ironically, Sarah also offers a coaching service for her clients for time management. She notices a local small business on Instagram that sells cute diaries. She screenshots, and reposts the picture of the diaries on her page, with a caption to comment on how amazing they look. She also chooses a picture that matches her theme so it’s a win-win. You could literally see it as a hybrid between her own photo and a stock photo.

Now the impact of reposting the diaries? The following:

  • The diary company notice and like the picture on her page
  • The diary company shares this on their story: which results in their followers noticing Sarah’s account
  • Sarah’s following like the picture in return giving the diary company some possible customers
  • Sarah builds a connection with another company that has the same followers as her
  • Therefore, she can now message the diary company and tell them about her coaching services on time management – and maybe, JUST maybe she could collaborate with them
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