Identify Any Conflicts Blocking You On The Road To Success

Aim of The Session:

  • Be able to identify when you have conflicting values
  • To remind yourself what you would like to be remembered for
  • Be able to practice gratitude

Have you ever had someone in your life that was anxious about sharing their things?

They have a lot to share but this makes them anxious and protective over their things. They never achieve their goal because they are too scared of losing things.

There’s a popular quote,

“you can’t have your cake and it eat too”-

it’s either one or the other.

A lot of the times, people can find feeling abundant a real struggle, no matter how much they have.

Although this seems confusing, this is actually not deliberate as this behaviour derives from a deep conflict of important values.

You can have conflicting values such as being pious but also wanting lavish things in life. This is where duality comes in. There are two parts to everything. Just like:

  • Life and death
  • Light and dark
  • Good and evil
  • Positive and negative

In a similar way, we have two important values that can drive us to two opposing goals.

This conflict causes difficulty when choosing which path to take. Some examples are:

  • Being afraid to spend money in case it runs out
  • Aiming to be religious but also wanting lavish things in life
  • Struggling with time, yet feeling guilty of not doing more
  • Wanting to be healthy with your children but find it easier to get junk food

Can you notice the struggle that stops people from truly appreciating themselves, their life or building on what they already have?

It’s possible to bring ease to the struggles we face when we have conflicting values. You just need to shift your focus when you can feel it happening.

Let’s look at a way to deal with the struggle when we find ourselves feeling the conflict between two important values.

Personal valuesSpiritual values
Making a differenceHumility
FamilySubmission to God

A conflict can suggest that one side must-win for the struggle to end.

Values represent important needs so ignoring one will end up making you anxious and unsettled.

Therefore, it’s crucial to find a way to meet both personal and spiritual values and create balance.

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