Setting Up Wave Accounting

Setting Up Wave Software

Accounting software can help you easily manage your finances. Without the cost of hiring an accountant or spending hours using spreadsheets.

Learning to use accounting software, cannot only help you save money. But it can help you boost your sales, cash flow and profits. Finance is one function that overlooked by many small business owners. Either because they don’t know how to manage their finances or they don’t think it’s important ‘just yet’. But business is all about making a profit. So you must have the basic financial skills to run your business. You can check out the ‘Managing Finance’ post that will teach the basics of finance for your business. But first, we want to choose the right accounting software and set it up.

Most accounting software costs money. Or the free ones have limited features. We’ve found that Wave Accounting, is one of the best free accounting software, and there are no limited features. 

Setting up Wave Accounting

It’s really simple to set up Wave. Watch the video below to set up your Wave account.

Make sure to fill out your company profile. If you’re not sure about any details, you can change them later under your ‘Profile’ settings.


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