In this guide, we’ll set up your email autoresponder as well as show you a great email tool for your marketing such as newsletters and welcome emails.

Setup Free MailPoet Account

You will need to set up your free MailPoet account by clicking here. It will take up to a day for it to be verified.

Activate Your MailPoet

After you receive an email confirming your verification. You will need to follow the guide to activate it on your WordPress website. If you have your website with us, the plugin will already be installed. Follow the guide to activate it.

Activate Guide 


Create Your First List

After you have activated MailPoet. You will create your first list. This is where your leads will be stored. 

The lists will keep your users separated making it easier to organise and maintain.

  • Click on MailPoet -> List -> Add New 
  • Name your list and click save

Your list will now be created. 

Connect Form to List

Next step is to connect the form to the list. This will add any new users straight to the list.

  • Go back to the landing page you created on Elementor
  • Click on the form -> Actions After Submit
  • Click on the text box, scroll down and select MailPoet
  • Go to the MailPoet tab on the drop down select the list you created
  • Map the first name to the map
  • Email to the Email
  • Click update

Your landing page and autoresponder are connected. Finally we need to create the emails.

Video - Connect Form to MailPoet

Creating Your Emails

The final step is to add your email sequence so they’re sent out automatically.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to copy and edit them on MS Word, add the links to the emails and then you can complete this step.

Copy and Edit Email Sequence Templates

Your First Email or Welcome Email (See video below)

  1. Click on MailPoet -> Emails -> Add New
  2. Select the welcome email -> Setup
  3. When is this Welcome Email sent? -> When someone subscribes  to the list
  4. Select the list you created
  5. Select immediately
  6. Choose your template. We recommend Simple Text and any of the templates you like
  7. Edit the email content (see video)
  8. Click next and then activate on next page

2nd, 3rd, 4th and subsequent emails

To create an email sequence. Follow the steps above. But on step 5 do not select ‘Immediately‘. You can set the interval as you like for example:

  • Second email select 2 day
  • Third email – 5 days
  • Fourth email – 7 days

Video - Creating The Email Sequence

Marketing Funnel Complete!

Congratulations! If you’ve reached this step and completed all the tasks. You have built your marketing funnel and your now ready to generate leads.

The most important link you need is the landing page or opt-in page link. This should be used for your marketing campaign material i.e. on google ads, Instagram bio etc.

What's Next?

You can now start promoting your business. Click here to check out the different tips & guides to generate traffic for your business.

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