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Exciting times! Starting up a new business is always exciting. A new venture in the hope of making your fortune.

Defining your identity.

Creating your personal brand and status.

A business can potentially make you thousands per month. And eventually millions. It can make more than a doctor wage! 

And a doctor studies for five years. And trains for two. In fact, any career there is a route of learning. Entrepreneurship is no different.

The successful entrepreneurs are the ones that understand:

  1. What a value proposition is and how to create one – this is how to determine if people want your product or service
  2. What a business model is – shows you on one page how your business will make money. And if it’ll work
  3. How to create a solid marketing strategy and plan that brings in new leads
  4. Create a winning process that works every time
  5. Create a system that delivers your product/service at the highest quality, every time
  6. Understand the world of finance

So we’ve created the simplest guides and videos for you. We highly recommend completing these 4 short courses. 

You should complete the first course, ‘Business In a Box’ before you start your business. This will help you understand the above. And go through an action plan for you to execute. It’s like having a virtual business coach.

Your life is as good as your mindset. Quote. Positive. Positivity. Inspirational.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Did you know in the Quran. God gives us a formula for successs? It’ a 4-step formula that you can follow to ensure success in your business. And every other

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abundance mindset

Abundance Mindset Coaching

Primary Goal: Redefine what it means to have abundance, be open to giving and receiving by counting your blessings and being filled with gratitude. Welcome to the Abundance programme. If

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Setting Your Business Help Guides

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