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​Marketing & Sale​ Improvement ​Services

“More Then Just A Pretty Website”

Premium Features

What Type of Website Do You Need?​ Tell us what features you need. And we’ll work our magic. 

Brochure Style

Sometimes you just need a simple website that gives your customers information.

Online Courses

If you have something to teach, create online training and make a recurring income

Booking System

If you take bookings. Make it easier for your and your customers to make bookings on your website.

Online Shop

Sell your products or services online. And take payments online.


Help your target audience by providing free valuable information.

Marketing Funnel

Every website needs a marketing funnel. We include this for free! Worth £1500.

Seo Built

Our web design makes it easy for people to find you on Google. Make your site Google-friendly.

UK Based

Our team is based in the Manchester, UK. So you can visit us anytime.


Convert customers in an instant by letting them contact with just the push of a button directly from your site.

Easy Communication

Contact us through WhatsApp, email or phone

Contact Forms

Give your customers more than one way to get in touch by adding an optimised and tailored form.

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Our Website Portfolio

Dr Rasha Clinic


The Prism Lab

Pre Pro Academy

Cheese & Chai

Bizzie Kidz

Client Ownership

Since your website is 100% owned by you, it becomes an asset to your business.

Easily Edit

All websites are designed on WordPress, which is a very easy platform to maintain!

Hosting Guidance

Take the stress away from technicality. We provide the best options for hosting, and give you an easy setup process.

Kaybox Web Design

Professional web design could help you with the following:

  • Increase your conversion rate – from visitors to leads using good graphic design
  • Give you an edge of other businesses similar to yours
  • Search engine optimization – Rank higher in Google and appear in front of your customers for different web pages 
  • Better digital marketing strategy

These have a direct impact on your profits, business growth and market share.

Kaybox provides the full 360-degree experience, including:

  • Design and layout – looking awesome on any screen size
  • Content
  • User experience is also known as UX
  • Interaction design – your website will need users to interact with it. So you can attract and engage with your users.

Kaybox web developers are not the usual coders. That just know how to code a website. Your web design will include the following team:

  • The techie – who will do all the boring bits on the back end
  • The designer – the one who loves making boring beautiful giving an amazing user experience through graphic design. This happens on the front end.
  • The marketer – the one who understands how to convert a user to lead as well as looking at the interaction design 
  • The writer – the one who knows good writing for your visitors i.e. content management
  • The tester – the one who makes sure all the above are doing their jobs properly. The user experience is on point. And all web pages serve their purposes. 

Most of your users will have different screen sizes. So how can you make sure your website looks good on any screen size?

Responsive Design is when your website automatically resizes from desktop to mobile devices on different browser windows. So that it doesn’t page out. Or shrinks the text so that you have to zoom in.

Basically, responsive web design looks good desktops, tablets, and phones on any browser window.

Your website must have a responsive web design AKA responsive design.

If the website does what you want it to do, for your target audience, then it’s a good design.  Every website will have different design elements. But we can follow the five principles of web design to create high-quality websites.

  • Appearance – your website must give a first good impression. Visual design is crucial. This is also important for search engine optimization
  • Attention – the next job is to keep them on the website. By being clear on what benefit they can expect from your company
  • Navigation – users should be very clear where they can find information, they need
  • Direct – an important job is to direct your visitors through your information i.e. to make them scroll down. And get them interested in your product or service
  • Action – finally, what do you want your customer to do? We need to have a clear call-to-action. This could be to make a booking, download something for free, to call you on a number. But it has to be clear what they need to do next by having a good user interface design. 

Why choose Kaybox when there are 100s of other designers. As mentioned above. Our team aren’t just coders. We’re experts in other areas which is essential to creating an effective and beautiful website. Here are some things that make us different:

UK Based Web Developers

Our design team is based in the UK. Manchester to be precise. Which means it’s easy communication and we can even meet you face to face. Our company is regulated by UK laws and you can be sure that you’ll be getting the highest quality service.

Cheap Web Design

Getting UK services doesn’t mean higher prices than India. You’ll be surprised how competitive our prices are. In fact, for value, we confident no one gives more. We don’t charge £1000s.

Because we understand small businesses have budgets. But with the technology available to today. You don’t have to compromise on quality. You can get as good quality as the bigger companies. Have the right user experience and interaction design. But paying a fraction of the price.

We’re here for small businesses. We don’t just say it. We prove it with our high quality, low prices.

Marketing Experts

A good website needs more than just coding and good design. It needs someone who understands marketing and marketing psychology. We have qualified business coaches. Who understand what makes an effective design. How to make a website look good on desktop as well as on mobile devices. 

We also know what search engines like Google like. So you can rank higher. This is all included as part of your design process.

Marketing Funnels

Simple marketing funnels for your target audience drives more sales. This shouldn’t be an extra service. It should be part of your website. A good marketing funnel can cost well over £1500. We include this as part of your website without the £1500 tag. Certain web pages like your product page. Needs to be a landing page that is connected to a funnel. 

Is there any extra charge? No, we design your website to be effective. And this means it needs a funnel. Even if it’s a simple one.

Open Communication

We know at times you’ll need to speak to someone either before, during or after your web development. That’s why you’ll have these different ways of getting in touch with us:

  • WhatsApp
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Client portal
  • Face to face – in Manchester 😊

Full Refund

Finally, to make it easier for you. We provide a full refund if you change your mind within 7 days. No questions asked. But we’re sure you’ll love our team and more importantly. Your new website!

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